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Diet advice for ADHD

ADHD symptoms can be alleviated by choosing the right diet. Nourish your brain, and it will reward you with increased focus and productivity

We can all see that eating unhealthy food is not good for your body. This is obvious by the effects that an unhealthy diet causes. However, food affects the whole body- the brain as well. This means that the choice between high quality and low quality food can mean the difference between more and less intense ADHD symptoms.

1.Choose the good fats

Healthy fats are extremely important for a balanced brain function. Make sure to choose items such as avocados, salmon, dark leafy vegetables and walnuts to name a few. The important thing is that they would contain omega-3 fatty acids.

2. Experiment with healthy spices to ramp up your brain

Go on a culinary journey, while making yourself healthy at the same time. There are plenty of spices that not only taste good, but also have health benefits. Here are a few to add to your regular diet: cinnamon, garlic, turmeric, saffron, rosemary and sage among others.

3. Choose colorful food

An easy and fun way to enrich your diet is to make sure that you are using the whole color spectrum. That means that, on a regular basis, you should be eating something green and lush such as broccoli and other salads, something red and intense, such as paprika and pomegranates. Something refreshing such as bananas and lemons and something purple like grapes, red onions and aubergine.

4. Go for high fiber, low glycemic foods

While you might be craving for some high sugar pastries, you should keep that diet option for special treats only. Your regular diet should consist of foods that contain high fiber. You should also avoid foods that give you a blood sugar spike, avoiding the inevitable sugar crash that comes with high-glycemic foods.

5. Make sure you are well hydrated

Great hydration is important for the whole body. You don’t need to be bloated with water, however, make sure to take regular sips of water throughout the day, to maintain a well hydrated brain.

If you are not sure if you are experiencing ADHD, you can check out this test that we created, that conveniently checks for ADHD symptoms in you.

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