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Envision ADHD

Finding ADHD Help For Adults Is Easier Than Ever

Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder. These four words can encapsulate a range of emotions for people of all ages. ADHD is a common disorder that is routinely found in young boys and girls alike. In fact, five key symptoms tend to present before the age of twelve. Have you struggled with inattention, poor listening skills, and a lack of organization? Do you constantly find yourself fidgeting or feeling restless? Getting ADHD help for adults is a different process when compared to finding assistance as a child. For that reason, you will want to call on our team at Envision ADHD to find out what we can do for you!

Here at Envision ADHD, we understand that it can be hard to find ADHD help for adults. Not only is there a stigma that surrounds attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, but there is also the problem of financing. Here at Envision ADHD, we are a psychiatric practice that focuses on the evaluation and treatment of ADHD in adults. Understanding your ADHD is the first step toward managing the disorder. With the help of our professional staff, you will be well on your way to understanding and ADHD management!

If you’ve been searching for ADHD help for adults then start with our online evaluation. Once your results are reviewed and further refined through an appointment, an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan can be put together to find you the help that you require. Whether you simply need to understand your ADHD or would like more intensive intervention, Envision ADHD is here to help you throughout the process.

Who can diagnose ADHD in adults? That is a common enough question for individuals that might have ADHD. At Envision ADHD, Dr. Behrens leads the way. Dr. Behrens graduated from UW Madison with his B.S. in Genetics before attending the U.W. School of Medicine and Public Health. After pursuing his residency at the UW Hospital and Clinic Department of Psychiatry, Dr. Behrens would set his sights on developing his practice. With years of experience and a rounded understanding of how to bring personalized ADHD treatments to his clients, Dr. Behrens and the rest of our staff at Envision ADHD are here to help you!

Envision ADHD offers a host of services for busy working professionals to embrace after their evaluation. Our Online Focus Clinic is a non-medication and psychiatric-guided solution for improving your ability to focus at work or your home office. With online evaluations and treatment options, now is the perfect time to see who can diagnose ADHD in adults at Envision ADHD!

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