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Adult ADHD Clinic

  Envision ADHD - An Adult ADHD Clinic for Working Professionals.

When we talk about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, most people tend to think of ADHD in children. While ADHD is commonly diagnosed before the age of twelve, that doesn't mean that the disorder cannot be found in adults. Finding an ADHD clinic for adults can be a challenging task. After all, there is certainly a stigma surrounding ADHD and many adults in need may not know to seek out assistance. Here at Envision ADHD, we pride ourselves on being the top adult ADHD clinic for diagnosing and providing the best treatment adult ADHD clients can find. Let's take a walk through addressing your potential ADHD diagnosis!

ADHD can be a debilitating disorder, particularly in individuals that don't realize they possess it. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can manifest in a variety of ways in adults. Some common signs and symptoms of adult ADHD include trouble listening, lack of attention, constant fidgeting, and even excessive talking amongst others. Dealing with undiagnosed ADHD can lead to problems at work, in school, and even in the relationships that we share. If you are feeling hopeless about your ADHD symptoms, don't worry -- Envision ADHD is here as the top ADHD clinic for adults.

Addressing your ADHD will start with an online evaluation with one of our psychiatric professionals. Our online system allows for quick and convenient bookings and consultations. Furthermore, our adult ADHD clinic is open to residents of Wisconsin as well as Illinois after an initial appointment to establish care. Once care is established, you can enjoy remote care to address your treatment plan.

Treating your ADHD involves getting an accurate diagnosis. You can begin the process with Envision ADHD by signing up for your ADHD testing. Treatment adult ADHD plans require quotient ADHD testing against standardized rating scales. After a full report has been generated and made available to you, our team of medical professionals will help decide if a full ADHD evaluation is required for further treatment. Evaluations with Envision ADHD include standardized rating scales, Cognifit online testing, a clinical interview, and a comprehensive review and ADHD education release.

If your meeting with Envision ADHD suggests that you could benefit from treatment, then the next step would be to sign up with our online adult ADHD clinic. Through our work with the Online Focus Clinic, we can provide one-on-one remote care with a custom treatment plan to ensure your consistent progress. Monthly online meetings with Dr. Behrens ensure that your progress is documented and prioritized so as to always meet your needs.

Envision ADHD does not work with any insurance carriers, though we do affordable payment options for interested parties. Contact our team today online or by phone to discuss your ADHD needs.

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