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At Envision ADHD, we strive to create a more accessible, understanding, and specialized care model for the professional with ADHD


  • We understand how untreated ADHD may impair the lives of high functioning adults

  • We understand how commuting to clinic visits and managing monthly paper prescriptions does not fit the demanding lifestyles of working professionals

  • We understand how adults with ADHD have unique treatment needs, and strive to evolve with emerging technologies and research to best tailor the clinical experience


Our medical director, Dr. Behrens, specializes in a psychiatric approach that combines an understanding of the unique needs of working professionals with an expertise in ADHD-specific treatments.


  • Undergraduate:  UW - Madison    BS - Genetics

  • Medical School:  UW School of Medicine and Public Health

  • Residency:  UW Hospital and Clinic Department of Psychiatry

    • Co-Chief Resident​

Board Certification

Professional Memberships/Positions:


Following residency, Dr. Behrens continued as an Assistant Clinical Professor in the UW Psychiatry Department and developed a niche in Adult ADHD and the use of technology in clinical assessment and outcome tracking.  Over the years treating busy working adults, he witnessed how in-person meetings and monthly paper refills affected the home and work life of such individuals and envisioned how technology and alternative clinical models may be beneficial.  From here, the technical and legal workflows of Envision ADHD emerged. In the summer of 2016, he made the decision to leave his corner office, city, house and academic position to pursue the dream of Envision ADHD in Milwaukee, WI

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