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Ulta Labs

Check your own labs
save up to 80%

It is easier than ever to order your own labs.  Use the link below to order your own general lab panel to assess for areas of possible vitamin, mineral and omega 3 fatty acid supplementation.

Testing Recommendations

recommendations are for educational purposes only and and are not formal medical recommendations



Use your existing 23andMe or Ancestry "Raw Data" to discover further insights and guidance for targeted natural supplementation.   You will be able to upload your "Raw Data" file and we will then generate specialized Puregenomics Report once analyzed.

Haven't done 23andMe?

      Click HERE to save 10% 

Cognifit Testing
$49 - order below - save 20%

Order now and save 20% on Online Cognitive testing.   Take this 40 min online assessment to see how you compare to your peers in following domains:

  • Planning

  • Working Memory

  • Short Term Memory

  • Focused Attention

  • Updating

  • Inhibition

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