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A New Approach to Employee Health, Productivity & Benefits

Employees with untreated ADHD in the US:

Missed 8.7 additional works days per year

Lost 22 days of productivity per year

18 x more likely to be disciplined for "behavior problems"


60% more likely to lose their jobs

Earned $5,000 - $10,000 less per year


$87-$138 billion/year in lost income & productivity

Why Envision ADHD for employees?

Convenient Access

Company Branded Website

Online Scheduling

Online Evaluations

Unlimited Online Follow-ups

Direct Messaging with MD

ADHD Expert Care

Board Certified Psychiatrist

Expert Medication Management

Discount Labs + Supplements

Non-medication Options

Ongoing Outcome Monitoring

Convienent Care

Utilizing online video-based care and full electronic prescribing capabilities, employees will be free from commuting to the physician's office for follow-up or managing paper prescriptions

$0 Cost to employer
Custom branded website for employees
$50 Rebate on "Initial Online Evaluation"
 $50/mo off "Ongoing Treatment Membership"
Direct Lab Discounts
Professional Grade Supplement Discounts
Potential for "out of network" insurance reimbursement

Please contact us below to see how Envision ADHD may best fit your employee needs

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