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10 signs of ADHD in Adults and ADHD testing

Check out our list of signs that affect ADHD adults in their daily lives

If you are easily influenced by random impulses or if you experience difficulty concentrating on the task at hand, you might be experiencing the symptoms of ADHD. If you have never considered this question, you might not be aware of you displaying these signs.

We have devised a test that you can take(link) , but you could also check out this list of signs that you might find familiar in your own life. Take your time and think about the each point carefully.

  1. Unsuccessful multitasking- having a huge to-do list, and not completing any of the tasks laid out.

  2. Getting bored and distracted easily, constantly having to remind yourself what has to be done.

  3. Inability to hold long conversations, or not really participating, “drifting off” when interacting with someone on a regular basis.

  4. Desire for quick fixes, impatience and inability to stick with slow processes and long projects.

  5. Impulsive, nervous expressions, such as pencil tapping, leg swinging or other similar impulsive actions.

  6. Having a hard time organizing things in your life, whether it's your table or the project that you are on.

  7. Spending a good portion of your work time checking your social media accounts or email, not being able to focus on the work at hand.

  8. Careless mistakes that happen because you were out of focus or because you rushed yourself.

  9. Having relatives who suffer from depression, bipolar disorder, substance abuse or ADD.

  10. Binging on compulsive behaviours, such as shopping, drinking, drug use, overworking periods etc.

If you have some or most of these signs in your life, you might have ADHD . If you want to be sure, you can check out our ADHD test, which gives you a more comprehensive look at the issue at hand.

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