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Productivity hacks for Adults with ADHD

It can be hard staying productive with ADHD in your life. Here are some productivity hacks to help you along the way

A lot of symptoms that adults with ADHD experience can be alleviated by simply knowing yourself well, and taking care of your impulsive attention before it gets you distracted. There are many ways to do this and we have collected a few hacks to help you and get you on track.

If you are not sure if you have ADHD, you could also check out our special test, which is designed for adults.

  1. Plan your next day in advance

One of the biggest productivity problems for people with ADHD is the lack of clear priorities for your mind to focus on. Spend a few minutes in the evening, planning out the next day. You do not need to plan every minute, however it is smart to line out the most important tasks of the day, so that your mind does not wonder or stress about the day ahead.

2. Have a private space for work time

Its very easy to get distracted when there is a lot of things happening around you. A wise long term solution is coming up with a way to get isolated for those productivity hours. You can go to the library, or simply close your office doors and let other people know that you are not to be disturbed during your work hours. If you take care of the distractions in advance, you won't have to spend time and energy resisting temptations and make yourself more productive as a result.

3. Record the important stuff

A big part of the confusion of having a lot of stuff to do is that it is all in your head. When you don’t note down the important tasks and memos, they easily get forgotten and mixed with other distracting things on your mind. Having a notebook, or ever recording voice files can be a great way to organize your thoughts. This way, when you need to focus on something, you can simply look at your records, this way, reminding yourself of your main goals and objectives.

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