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What are adults with ADHD like?

Did you know that ADHD does not only affects children, but adults as well? Studies have shown that around 4% of adult Americans are suffering from ADHD.

It is good to understand what ADHD adults are like. This way, you can be more caring and attentive for your family, friends or co-workers needs. This can also help you by letting you look at yourself carefully and making an honest judgement, if you could be experiencing ADHD or not.

  1. Lack of organization

One of the most noticeable characteristics of adults with ADHD is a certain lack of organization. It’s not necessarily about whether their desk is tidy or not. In a broader sense, this means that the person has trouble juggling all of the responsibilities of adults life. Missed deadlines, bills that are forgotten, an adult with ADHD can have problems taking care of the important stuff.

2. Easily distracted

Another common sign is the amount of distraction that a person can take, before he forgets about the important task at hand. If a person is stuck in perpetual multitasking, social media activity and procrastination, up to the point where productive works becomes almost impossible- you can be quite suspicious of ADHD being the cause here.

3. Have a hard time relaxing

Adults with ADHD have plenty of ways to lose their focus. However, this also creates an interesting phenomena, where a person like that might have a hard time relaxing. They might appear tense all of the time. Instead of chilling out, they are jittery and irritated. This is because even when they could be resting, their mind wanders and creates various problems and scenarios to focus on.

4. Prioritization issues

Adults with ADHD can get confused about the real priorities and responsibilities that they have. In one moment, they might be focused on their main task, the next, they are doing something completely different. While it seems important at the moment, in the long run, it creates missed deadlines and underperformance.

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