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Treat Adult ADHD Near Me

  Treat Adult ADHD Near Me: Call Envision ADHD Today!

Do I have adult ADHD? This kind of question can echo around the minds of adults who struggle with ADHD-like symptoms. From the inability to focus to the inability to retain information, ADHD can wreak havoc on our working lives. Adults with ADHD are particularly prone to struggle with the disorder because there is a real lack of care and attention for adults who may have the disorder. If you are looking to support adult ADHD treatment in your own life, you will want to head to Envision ADHD!

The Envision ADHD Clinic is a psychiatric practice that focuses on evaluating and summarily treating ADHD in the lives of busy working professionals. If you have asked yourself, "Do I have adult ADHD", you are in the right place to get an answer to that question. In order to get the most out of the services provided by our team at Envision ADHD, there is a specific process that you should undertake.

To treat adult ADHD near me, I would need to first start by establishing care with Envision ADHD. Envision ADHD is open to residents in Wisconsin and Illinois alike with headquarters in Milwaukee being used to establish care. After care has been established, treatment can begin in earnest with a full consultation and evaluation. Diagnosing ADHD involves quotient ADHD testing across a 30-minute computerized exam. Upon evaluation of the results of the aforementioned exam, a plan of care will then be laid out for you. A comprehensive evaluation to support adult ADHD diagnosis will include Cognifit online testing, a clinical interview, a full review of your screening results, and an elaborative ADHD education program.

While most symptoms of ADHD manifest before our teenage years, an adult ADHD diagnosis is anything but rare. In fact, roughly 5% of adults in the United States will have an undiagnosed ADHD disorder! Symptoms of an ADHD disorder include anxiety, chronic forgetfulness, impulsiveness, and even depression! It is easy to see how these symptoms could impact our day-to-day relationships as well as our time at work.

If it turns out that you do in fact have ADHD, don't worry! ADHD doesn't have to be an anchor that weighs you down. In fact, with the right approach, you can make your ADHD diagnosis work alongside your own efforts. Our Online Focus Clinic is one of the best tools for grappling and coming to terms with your ADHD. This Online Focus Clinic is a remote tool that allows you to interface with the Envision ADHD staff as you follow your treatment plan. Monthly online check-ins with Dr. Behrens of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology will keep you focused and on-task.

Don't let untreated ADHD hold you back. Call on the team at Envision ADHD today!

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