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Next Steps

Hopefully you've been able to review your results from those initial rating scales and been able to learn a little more about yourself.   Below you will find a few more options for diving deeper yourself or you may jump directly to the 1. Initial Online Evaluation with Dr. Behrens which includes all of the items below plus much more.

Access a free sample Adult ADHD Non-Med Protocol and see the Practice Better app in action



Initial Online Evaluation

Schedule below and use code "SymptomTest" to save $50

Initial 2 hour evaluation to establish diagnosis and care.  All conveniently completed from the comfort of your own home or office over secure video conferencing.  Dr. Behrens will take you through your results and help with education and review of potential treatment options. 

Online Cognifit Testing

Standardized Rating Scales

Comprehensive Psychiatric Assessment

Psychoeducation on Potential Diagnoses

Discussion of Treatment Options that may include:

  • Prescription Medications​

  • Further Lab/Genetic Testing

  • Professional Grade Supplements

  • Cognifit Brain Training Programs

  • Nutrition/Diet/Mindfulness

  • Therapy/Coaching Recommendations

Includes all items below and more

Schedule now and use coupon code "SymptomTest" to save $50 on the "1. Initial Online Evaluation"

Or you are welcome to continue learning on your own and may utilize some of our available discounts

Access a free sample Adult ADHD Non-Med Protocol and see the Practice Better app in action


Cognifit Online Testing
$49 - order below - save 20%

Order now and save 20% on Online Cognitive testing.   Take this 40 min online assessment to see how you compare to your peers in following domains:

  • Planning

  • Working Memory

  • Short Term Memory

  • Focused Attention

  • Updating

  • Inhibition

*no testing by itself is diagnostic of ADHD.  Only educational and may be used as part of a full evaluation

Ulta Labs


Check your own labs
save up to 80%

It is easier than ever to order your own labs.  Use the link below to order your own general lab panel to assess for areas of possible vitamin, mineral and omega 3 fatty acid supplementation.


Professional Grade Supplements

Create a free Fullscript account for access to discounts on a wide variety of professional grade supplement brands

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