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Adult ADHD Treatment Near Me

  Benefits of Signing Up For Adult ADHD Treatment Near Me at Envision ADHD.

Adult ADHD is a serious disorder that impacts nearly 5% of adults within the United States. This invisible disorder is typically identified and treated while most people are still children. Unfortunately, adults who grow up to have adult ADHD will require treatment, all the same, they just won't always know to look for it. For the individual looking for adult ADHD treatment near me, the team at Envision ADHD is here to help. Our psychiatric practice is focused on providing adults with the best treatment for adult ADHD near me. Let's walk through the traditional process with our medical team to see if Envision ADHD is the right fit for you.

If I were looking for treatment for adult ADHD near me at Envision ADHD, I would start by signing up for quotient ADHD testing. This 30-minute testing program can be performed online with a full report of findings later being made available to me. While this test alone cannot diagnose adult ADHD, it can be used in conjunction with a more thorough and comprehensive evaluation. Following this initial quotient ADHD testing, patients at Envision ADHD can establish their care with Dr. Behrens and the rest of the Envision ADHD staff in our Milwaukee office. After care has been established, we will begin working toward solutions to your potential adult ADHD diagnosis.

An evaluation for adult ADHD will typically incorporate a clinical interview, a full review of your screening results, and a 40-minute Cognifit online testing session which can be taken while still in the comfort of your home. After these steps have been taken with help from our Envision ADHD staff, you will be put in a position to seek out personalized treatment with our clinic. Personalized ADHD treatment with Envision ADHD includes precise med management, online appointments, scheduling, and messaging, transparent pricing, and simple referrals for coaching and dietary assistance.

For working professionals that want to tend to their ADHD without medication, the Online Focus Clinic is a particularly useful tool to explore. Our Online Focus Clinic is ideal for busy working professionals because it provides a convenient online location to find support, treatment, and education. The Online Focus Clinic is guided by a licensed professional and it includes monthly online meet-ups with Dr. Behrens to discuss your progress. Ongoing treatment plans are only $99/month without any contracts or additional licensing costs. Your monthly treatment plan includes follow-ups with Dr. Behrens, Cognifit Brain Training, and Cognifit Cognitive Testing.

If you fear that you are living with undiagnosed ADHD, call on the team at Envision ADHD to discuss your symptoms. Our professional staff is ready to help you find the solutions that you need to live life on your terms. We offer affordable pricing on all of our services to ensure that you find the help you require!

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