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ADHD Affects Adults Too

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“ADHD is more than just paying attention and sitting still.  It is a potential gift; a Ferrari engine. I know you've seen glimpses of the raw power that can be.  Despite the amazing horsepower however, it may lead to significant struggles if the brakes don't work when you need them to.  I want to be here to help fine tune the brakes; to hone the gift; to put you back in control; back in the driver seat of this amazing engine"

Dr. Jacob Behrens, MD

Concerned that ADHD May Be Affecting You Or A Loved One?

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General Private Practice

Specialized psychiatric services for depression and anxiety for busy professions

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How Envision ADHD Can Help

We understand the unique situation of working professionals and utilize technology and direct access to Dr. Behrens to offer effective, convenient, and time-efficient medical services.  

Step 1

Initial Online Evaluation


Initial 1 hour evaluation to establish care.  All conveniently completed from the comfort of your own home or office over secure video conferencing.  Dr. Behrens will take you through your results and help with education and review of potential treatment options. 

Standardized Rating Scales

Comprehensive Psychiatric Assessment

Psychoeducation on Potential Diagnoses

Discussion of Treatment Options that may include:

Prescription Medications​

Further Lab/Genetic Testing

Natural Supplements


Therapy/Coaching Referrals

Step 2

Online Follow-up Appts


Conveniently schedule your own follow-up appointments online and we will meet over a secure Zoom video connection.  

Psychiatric Medication & Supplement Management

Direct Messaging with Dr. Behrens

Convenient Patient Portal

Electronic Prescriptions + Delivery Options

Discounts on further lab/genetic testing to fine tune treatment

Discounts on professional grade supplements




Genetic Testing & Reports

Professional Supplements

Brain Training Programs

*insurance may still be used for medications

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Magic Mind
Magic Mind Nootropics
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We do not work with any insurances and strive to have upfront and transparent pricing  for services.  You are welcome to use your insurance for medications and Dr. Behrens will work to find the best available prices for you with or without insurance.  Given state and federal rules, we are not able to offer this model to those with Medicare or Medicaid plans.

If you have commercial insurance, you may be able to submit for reimbursement directly with your insurance if allowed and a detailed "super bill" may be made available for the initial evaluation or individual online follow-up appointments.  The app Reimbursify may simplify this process should you so choose.


At Envision ADHD, we strive to create a more accessible, understanding, and specialized care model for the professional with ADHD

Untreated ADHD may impair the lives of high functioning adults

Commuting to clinic visits and managing monthly paper prescriptions does not fit the demanding lifestyles of busy professionals

Adults with ADHD have unique treatment needs, and strive to evolve with emerging technologies and research to best tailor the clinical experience


Dr. Jake Behrens MD

With Envision ADHD, I wanted to create a practice model designed around the unique needs of the busy professional.  A model with transparent pricing and easy to schedule ADHD evaluation and a direct connection between patient and physician to facilitate the fine tuning of treatment for the individual.   I am here to be a guide/consultant throughout the process of optimization and honing of the gift that ADHD can be.   I want to help your productivity and to utilize emerging technologies to make the process best fit into your busy lifestyle so you can focus on the important aspects of life;  home, relationships, work, school, life in general.  In the end, I want you to be comfortably in control in the driver seat knowing that I am always just a message or online follow-up away.

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