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ADHD Medical care for the Busy professional

ADHD Affects Adults Too

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“ADHD is more than just paying attention and sitting still.  It is a potential gift; a Ferrari engine. I know you've seen glimpses of the raw power that can be.  Despite the amazing horsepower however, it may lead to significant struggles if the brakes don't work when you need them to.  I want to be here to help fine tune the brakes; to hone the gift; to put you back in control; back in the driver seat of this amazing engine"

Dr. Jacob Behrens, MD

Concerned that ADHD May Be Affecting You Or A Loved One?

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How Envision ADHD Can Help

We understand the unique situation of working professionals with ADHD and utilize technology and direct access to Dr. Behrens to offer effective, convenient, and time efficient medical services.


**We do not work with any insurance for services, but you may be able to use for prescriptions.**

**See the FAQ for more information on possibly submitting yourself for "out of network" benefits**


Step 1 -  Online Evaluation


Initial 2 hour evaluation to establish care.  All conveniently completed from the comfort of your own home or office over secure Zoom video conferencing with screen sharing and whiteboarding to show results and help in explaining options. 

  • Online Cognitive Testing

  • Standardized Rating Scales

  • Comprehensive Psychiatric Assessment

  • Psychoeducation on Potential Diagnoses

  • Discussion of Treatment Options that may include:

    • Prescription Medications​

    • Further Lab/Genetic Testing

    • Supplements/Nutrition/Exercise/Mindfulness

    • Therapy/Coaching Referalls

Step 2 -  In Person Med Startup


*includes home blood pressure monitor

COVID-19 Update:  Currently done as a "drive thru" masked appointment for the safety of all patients

Post-evaluation, in-person meeting to establish care as required for prescribing full range of medications


  • Measure Initial Blood Pressure & Heart Rate

  • Detailed Medication Discussion & Informed Consent

  • Selection of Pharmacy for Electronic Prescriptions

  • Home Blood Pressure Monitor Included 


Step 3.  Ongoing Treatment Membership


*may cancel at anytime

Convenient, all-inclusive direct care from your phone or computer free from commutes or waiting rooms

  • Expert ADHD Medication Management

  • Unlimited Zoom Online Follow-up Appointments

  • Unlimited Direct Messaging with Your Doctor

  • Electronic Prescriptions Directly to Pharmacy

  • Accommodation and Prior Authorization Paperwork

  • Therapy/Coaching Referrals

  • Access to Discounted:

Full Service ADHD Testing, Evaluation, and Medical Care

Designed to meet the unique needs of the busy working professional

All-inclusive Ongoing Membership Model


* Cancel anytime

*** No insurances accepted.  See FAQ for more information on possible "out of network" benefits

Consider reimbursify to submit for possible "out of network" insurance reimbursement paid directly to you

Membership Benefits

  • Targeted Supplement Recommendations

  • Therapy/Coaching Referral Information

  • Convenient Patient Portal Access

  • Simple, Transparent, All-inclusive Pricing

  • Discounted access to:

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